Superman is not a dead-beat.  And Elon Musk did not wake up and decide to build a ‘so-so’ sports car.


These guys don’t settle for average.  And neither do you. That’s the way you’re built. 


Then let me ask you this: Doesn’t it make sense that that’s the way your home should be built too?

Because settling for an average ‘code-built’ constructed home (ginormous yawn), is like hopelessly giving up on life (Karen Carpenter tune fades in) and quietly slipping into a pair of MOM JEANS (that’s right),  living out your days sloppily in pathetic, generic, uncreative swaths of denim fabric that are not tight in the right places.

And when you put them on? You feel a lot more like Bea Arthur not Beyonce.

Sure they get the job done.  They cover your a**.  But so does a hefty garbage bag.


But this isn’t about survival.   It’s about arrival. (Pump the ‘house’ music.)


Arrival to a place THAT MAKES AVERAGE CRY. That doesn’t do ‘dime a dozen.’

That’s a master of mucking up mediocrity. That busts through its boringness to serve up excellence with top-notch as the cherry.

And this place? Is your home.

Not just any stock, run-of-the-mill, generically built home. But a home that’s built to live and die by superhuman standards. Every bit of it based on and backed up by hardcore science.

The masterful piece de resistance: A Passive House.

A passive house is a home that fits you perfectly and makes you look and feel as fierce and flawless as Beyonce on her best day in her best skin tight jeggings  (I’m talking to you too gentlemen.)

It ain’t all about how you look, because trust me, their jaws will drop, but also about how it makes you feel.

A passive house hugs you in all the right spots. With California-like temperatures throughout every room – 365, 24/7 (without wrestling with the zipper thermostat), air so sweet and fresh, and a sexy 90% reduction in heating and cooling energy use and costs, what’s not to love?

So, when it’s your turn to build or design a house:




Because when you settle for average?   You give the status quo permission to make your tomorrow a knockoff of today.


And you’re not here to be average.   You’re here to be AWESOME.


Just recently, I had the privilege to pow-wow with some guys who are here to do just that.

They make it their job to take average and put it in a time-out. FOREVER.

You want to know what comes between these guys and Passive House? Nothing.

That’s why I’m  honored and proud to have the chance to sit down and chat with them on their outstanding blogs and podcasts. And you’re invited to this house party. So what are your waiting for?


Get down and boogie with the links below and watch these guys shake their passive house booty.   


Elrond Burrell


Elrond Burrell invited me to be a guest on his blog, PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE where we discuss: Not Your Average Builder: A Passive House Builder 



Ben Adam-Smith

Ben Adam Smith and I chat about Should Your Architect, Builder, and Tradespeople Have Certified Passive House Training? over on his blog and podcast, House Planning Help.




ken levenson, architect

Ken Levenson and the team at 475 High Performance Building Supply came to our site in Ramsey, NJ, home to New Jersey’s First Internationally Certified Passive House, and shot a video tour of the project. Grab some munchies and stay until the end of the tour for some bonus out-takes;)




Darren Macri, Passive House Builder


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