You're too good for an average home. And we'll help you prove it.

Right now you may be getting ready to build or renovate a new home, and you’re dizzy with all the ‘green’ options out there, nervous about hiring the right builder, architect, team. It would kill you to build a home that is an energy hog and live with the same annoyances and utility bills you have now. Overwhelmed,  you wish someone could deliver that perfect home, as simply as possible, thoughtfully, and without the hassle. Don’t worry, I’m Darren, and I can help.



 And we’ve created our signature service, High Performance Homes,
to help people like you:


house23Fall madly in love with your new home. 

house23Build a home that will look and feel exactly like that forward thinking, smart, super chic, got it together version of you.  Top to bottom.

house23Feel the self satisfaction with plopping down on that sofa, looking around you, and really being proud at what you’ve created.  That lovely thing called…your life.

Your High Performance Home Expert

Darren Macri, CEO and Founder at Bleu Nest; Certified Passive House Tradesperson + Consultant, LEED AP and High Performance Home Expert. With 10 years in the homebuilding/renovating field and armed with a BFA from NYU Tisch,  Darren Macri commands his artful eye and his forward thinking practical building knowledge to help liberate people from the ‘traditional home building standard’ by injecting High Performance Passive House know-how into his projects and out into the world so that we may all BUILD BETTER.

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Darren Macri, Passive House Builder


Get better building advice that will make you SMART and cause you to re-think how homes should be built.


It will make you smart and cause you to re-think how a home should be built.



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